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How much does a wedding dress cost?

We provide dresses starting from around £550 and going up to £1500.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Absolutely. We know weddings are expensive and we’ll do what we can to help by offering an official interest-free payment plan Subject to status and over 18s. We offer payment plans over 6, 9, 10 and 12 months. And you can immediately take home your dress, even if you’re paying with finance.

How much of a deposit do I need to leave?

Traditionally you will pay 50% of the balance however, with our 0% interest free payment plan you only need to pay a minimum of 10%.

Can you alter and customise my dress?

We don’t have seamstresses in house, but we can recommend highly qualified and experienced seamstresses for both customisation and alterations, and also for bespoke dresses made from scratch.
We can take the top of one dress and put it on the bottom of another, tailor your dress to fit you perfectly, add or remove straps, add extra applique, and more, depending on your tastes and your budget.
Alterations can cost between £50 - £300 approximately, though it will depend on the dress you’ve chosen and what alterations are needed This will be discussed with you, so you have full knowledge of the approximate cost.
Be realistic with your budget and include for any alterations. Also, book with your seamstress as soon as possible as demand can be high, especially depending on the time of year. You’ll want your dress finished at least 2 weeks before your wedding ideally, so you can relax and know everything is under control.

Are alterations and customisation included in the price of the dress?

This will depend on the designer and what customisation you need.

How long do alterations and customisations take?

It depends on the dress and what you’d like altered, but on average, it can take a minimum of 2 weeks for alterations to be completed.

What should I wear to try on dresses?

Just wear a plain underwired strapless bra and panties so you get the smoothest line on each dress when you try it on.

Who can I bring with me?

We’re a small, intimate boutique with one changing room, so 2 – 3 people is more than enough. What we always say is ‘only bring who you truly value – the people you completely trust to give you their honest opinion.’

Can I take photos when I’m choosing my dress?

You can, but bear in mind, our boutique isn’t a studio and we don’t have professional photographic lighting. Taking a photograph with your phone isn’t likely to give you the best view or memory of what your dress was like when you wore it in the shop.

Are children allowed in the boutique?

Yes, well-behaved children are welcome, but think about this; this is your moment to have a child-free pampering session. Looking for your wedding dress is the single most important moment of planning your wedding. Why not take the time, not only to choose your dress distraction-free, but to have a relaxing session and a time out from all that rushing about and organising that’s just for you?
Our boutique is entirely yours for two whole hours of pure indulgence.

Do you have a Dressing the Bride service available?

Of course. We’d be delighted to assist you on your big day, and we’ll give you a discounted rate if you bought your dress from us.

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